Gratitude Sermon Series
Throughout the month of November, our Sunday sermons will focus on the importance of developing an attitude of gratitude. 
Gratitude Challenge
In this month of giving thanks it’s a great time  to acknowledge the things we sometimes take for granted. Join our Gratitude Challenge!
Thanksgiving Pantry Project
Wednesday, November 20th @ 6:30pm
Kids On Mission (K-6th Grade) is having a friendly girls vs. boys competition  to benefit our local food pantry. Donations of canned foods will be accepted. The group with the most cans will win a prize. 
Thanksgiving Celebration
Sunday, November 24th @ 6pm
Friends and family are invited to our annual Thanksgiving dinner. Liberty will provide the turkey, ham, rolls, and drinks. Please bring two of the following dishes: dressing, vegetable dish, salad, or dessert.