Sunday School
We have members of our Welcome Team waiting to assist you in finding specific classes.
The preschool wing, or Meadow, is located on the first floor of the Education Building  (to the right of the sanctuary – on the west side of the building).
Infants-1 Yr. Old                   Room 106
Toddlers (Twos-Threes)         Room 105
PreK-Kindergarten                Room 103
Nursing Room                       Room 102
All 1st-6th graders are located on the 2nd floor, or The Treehouse, of the Education Building. 
1st-2nd Grade                         Room 202
3rd-4th Grade                         Room 204
5th-6th Grade                         Room 206
Children’s Church                     Room 203
 Student classes are located on the 2nd Floor of the Family Life Center (just above the main foyer).
Middle School (7th-8th)      Room 210
High School (9th-12th)       Room 209
Adult classes are located in the Family Life Center (FLC). 
Young Adults       Tony Martin                     Room 213
Open 25-40         Curtis May                       Room 107
Married 36-48     Dan Barber                      Room 214
Married 49-63     Bill Heath                        Room 211
Open 49-70         John & Brenda Cofer        Room 212
Married 64-73     Pete W./Larry H.              Room 111
Open 74+             Terry Duvall                     Room 110
Ladies 23-55        Beverly King                    Room 112
Ladies 56+            Kathy R./Linda N.            Room 113
Mens 25+              Cliff McCollum                 Conf. Room