Liberty’s Regathering: Phase 2
Sunday School
After prayerful consideration and meeting with our Regathering Team and Sunday School Leadership, we are excited to announce Phase 2: Regathering for Sunday School. We are anticipating God doing a great work in the lives of our church family. Phase 2’s Regathering will be staggered. This phase is contingent on filling many volunteer needs: including Greeters, Children’s Sunday School Teachers, and Extended Session Volunteers. See below for each class’s regathering date.  


October 11th: Regathering of Adult SS Classes (without kids or students)

  • Cofer/McWilliam Class
  • Heath/Boone Class
  • Jones/Nerren/Reeves Ladies Class
  • Peter McKay Class
  • Terry Duvall Class
  • Tony Martin Class
  • Walley/Battle Class


November 1st: Regathering of Adult SS Classes (with kids or students)

  • Carter/ Shows Class
  • Barber Class
  • Beverly King Ladies Class