Our student ministry has a desire to help students know Christ better, to have an intimate relationship with Him, and to grow middle school and high school students to maturity in Him. We don’t apologize for or water down our stance in our post-Christian society. We want our kids to be “different on purpose.” To achieve that we offer Bible study, missional events, and appropriate activities.
Children’s Ministry
Our Children’s Ministry strives to stay involved with the various mission projects that the church participates in. We collect food items for a local food pantry, gather needed items for homeless, raise money for the MS Baptist Children’s Village, and serve water to individuals at parks.
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No one is old at 55 or 60, and we know that very well. Many of our FORERUNNERS
are amazing believers that have been walking their road with God for many years, and mentoring others in the process. If you would like more information on the FORERUNNERS, please contact the office.
Mission Teams and mission events are open to all age groups. Whether a trip to Beautiful Feet in Texas, a mission trip to Vancouver, a partnership with a church in Wichita, or volunteering at a local ministry,
we strive to make Christ known.  Mission activities are opportunities to show Compassion through Evangelism in 2018.