Be Committed
by Warren Wiersbe
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
July 8th – August 26th 
Zoom Conference Call
Cost: $15
Ladies, remember playing hide and seek as children? Do you sometimes feel like God is hiding from you? Where is He when He seemingly doesn’t answer your prayers? Our Sovereign God is always at work in our lives even though we may not see nor understand what He is doing. Let’s seek Him together in our Bible Study for the summer.

Come join us as we read one chapter each week in Esther, read Wiersbe’s comments on that chapter, and then answer his questions for discussion. We’ll look at the providence of God in this Old Testament book where the glorious name of God is never mentioned, but where His presence is real!

Email Brenda Cofer at if you would like to join. 

Please make payments for Study Material through one of the following options
(Mail, Liberty Drop Box, Online). Include Memo: Women’s Bible Study.