There are several churches in our community. If you are looking for a perfect church, I’m afraid we are not it. We are a group of sinners seeking grace and forgiveness. We are not a mega church and we are not a tiny church. Our desire is to get to know people and share life together. We have a place for you!
We emphasize the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship is nurtured through our core values worship, fellowship, evangelism, discipleship, and service.
We encourage our members to participate in corporate worship as well as within the privacy of their homes. Our members are encouraged to build strong personal relationships with Christ. They are also encouraged to build strong relationships with neighbors and acquaintances in an effort to share the good news of Christ.
At Liberty, we place an emphasis on reading, understanding, and practicing God’s Word. Discipleship groups are provided for various ages. Each member is encouraged to seek opportunities to serve their church family, neighbors and acquaintances. Service opportunities are provided on a regular basis locally, nationally, and internationally. For this reason you will find the family of Liberty to be open and inviting as we seek to show COMPASSION in 2018.
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